About us

About Bia

I am originally from Brazil, married to an American man, and became a mom for the first time at age 43. These days I am navigating the joys and the challenges of bringing up my 11 year old daughter, Julia. I enjoy a career as an esthetician and massage therapist at a spa in a high profile hotel here in the Los Angeles area. I’m also certified as a neuromuscular massage therapist, and enjoy a growing private practice from my home helping people of all ages move without pain. In my free time I enjoy discovering and implementing new ways to improve myself. Being an older mom (in my fifties), I have been focusing on learning how to stay healthy and live more fully. By nature, I’m a curious and compassionate person who always seeks advice, and values diverse perspectives. I believe we are here for a purpose, and it is never late to change.

About Bill

A native of Los Angeles, I’m married to a beautiful and endlessly kind woman from Brazil. I have two remarkable children, having become a father for the second time at age 54. I’m a certified Alexander Technique teacher, enjoying an active private practice, as well as a part time faculty position at The AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts. I’m also a certified fitness trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine), an NCCA certified health and wellness coach, a certified Functional Aging Specialist, and a certified Pain Free Movement Specialist. I love staying fit, and have been a competitive athlete for many of my adult years. I’m also a cancer survivor, and have used my knowledge and skills to optimize my health, both during treatment and recovery. My specialty and my passion is helping older adults reach their health and wellness goals. If you’re interested in my professional services, please visit my website, Plake Wellness.com. A former professional musician, I continue with this work daily in my free time with joy and passion. I’m also deeply curious about life sciences in general, especially neuroscience, cognitive science, and kinesiology. I enjoy reading about anything that has to do with how the brain works, how consciousness is formed, human movement, and how lifestyle interventions (diet, exercise, etc.) improve health and well being. Meditation is my daily medicine, and I’m inspired to share my belief that we are always capable of growth and improvement at any age.