Why are we writing this blog?
We’re most likely going to live longer than previous generations. But in addition to just living longer, we can also learn to live more optimally: with deeper meaning, better health, more enjoyment, growth, and opportunity. In order to do that, we need to take advantage of the vast amount of resources and information available to us these days. We started glowing years with the desire to improve the quality of our own lives as we advance in years, and are focused on researching and exploring ways to do so. It is our passion to share what we learn with you!

We are a married couple with children, and complement each other in terms of experience, education, knowledge, cultural orientation and attitude. Bill tends to be more on the skeptical side, whereas Bia is more readily accepting of new ideas and information. This makes for a system of checks and balances that works well between us. We also balance each other out in terms of personality. Bill is, by nature, somewhat guarded and introverted. In contrast, Bia is more open and readily vulnerable. Our wish is to face our own challenges and fears and meet them with grace, courage, humor and informed action. Ultimately, we hope to transform the often-unpredictable aspects of growing older into opportunities for growth, enrichment, and celebration. It is our deepest belief that all of us (that includes you!) are capable of change, at any age, and can do the best with what we already have.